Prime Mover

Post date: Dec 25, 2013 6:16:12 AM

My brother and I created this game fairly quickly during Christmas vacation in 2011. I'm finally getting around to posting the "final" game since I don't want my brother's awesome artwork to go to waste. The game isn't actually much of game; you can roam around, break asteroids, and collect Stardust and Nebula Hearts. The menus allow settings and controls to be configured, and game state is saved when exiting to main menu. Stardust is used to attack and break asteroids to get Nebula Hearts, and must be refueled (shown in bar).

Default controls are arrow keys to move, spacebar to attack, and escape to save and quit.

Jars and zipped executable/application for Windows/Mac are attached.

Programming: Tom Cooper

Art: Nick Cooper