Summer Update on Life

Post date: Jul 11, 2012 4:14:35 AM

So grad school is over, minus editing a conference paper based on my research. Check out my thesis if you're bored!

I've been working at a job 3 weeks now, while pondering my video game hobby future. I've decided on a set of (even more) new directions:

    • I pretty much scrapped Prime Mover. I love the art and mechanics but I feel like it lacks something, and since it was my first game there is a pot full of spaghetti code.

    • Not pleased with my spaghetti code and lack of understanding of design patterns, I refactored the game engine (still running on Slick) to be very light and customizable with a component-entity system. I have plans to add a few more patterns to make the engine even more easy for me to use.

    • After discussing development with some friends, I'm thinking of ever-evolving game ideas that incorporate learning about science, energy, and energy resources. Check out for more info on this new movement.

    • I do know my next project will use my revamped Java/Slick game engine and run as an in-browser applet. I figured out how to run and test a Slick app as a Java applet, while using a local WAMP server. I want to base the game on some kind of story to give it more substance than a typical online game.

I'll try to post more updates as I solidify my gameplay, story, and character designs. Sorry again for the scatterbrain posting.